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Punching & Plasma Cutting Machine

Product description

CNC Hydralic Punching & Plasma Cutting Machine

Hydralic Punching Working:

1. Drive Mode: Lead Screw

2. Max Processing Size: 1250mm*2500mm

3. Machine Size: 3400mm*2000mm*1600mm

4. Processing Material: Aluminum, Galvanized sheet, Stainless Steel,Iron plate, Titanium sheet , etc.

5. Processing Thickness: 0.6-3mm

6. Punching Speed: 0-150 tims/min (adjustable speed)

7. Puching Die Diameter: 9mm, 12mm, Round Punching Hole.

8. Max Puching Pressure: 25 Ton

Plasma Cutting Working:

1. Cutting Size: 1250*2500mm

2. Drive Mode: Lnear Guide and Helical Gear.

3. Flaming Cutting Head: Huayuan 63A

4. Cutting Speed: High-Frequency Plasma Cutting :0-20000mm/min

5. Max Travel Speed: 25000mm/min

6. Max Cutting Thickness: 10mm

Advantages of Punching and Plasma Cutting Machine:


Punching and Plasma Cutting function, One machine with two use.


                          Punching Function                                                                  Punching Sample                                                             

After Punching, Holes for Water-proof Led Pixel Light be formed. 

               9mm&12mm Led Pixel Light                                         Letter Sample after Punching and Plasm Cutting


compare to two machine working separately, One machine dual use working more efficient, after punching, plasma cutting do his job automatically, no need secondary processing and manual intervention.

High Quality

Main Part adopts iron casting and no deformation after long-term using. Punching parts adopt imported part or researched and developed by our own team. Perfect quality control and after-sale service system


Compare to traditional multiple machine combined working, One machine dual use save working space and time. 

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