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Product description

CNC Hydralic Punching & Plasma Cutting Machine

Hydralic Punching Working:

1. Drive Mode: Lead Screw

2. Max Processing Size: 1250mm*2500mm

3. Machine Size: 3400mm*2000mm*1600mm

4. Processing Material: Aluminum, Galvanized sheet, Stainless Steel,Iron plate, Titanium sheet , etc.

5. Processing Thickness: 0.6-3mm

6. Punching Speed: 0-150 tims/min (adjustable speed)

7. Puching Die Diameter: 9mm, 12mm, Round Punching Hole.

8. Max Puching Pressure: 25 Ton

Plasma Cutting Working:

1. Cutting Size: 1250*2500mm

2. Drive Mode: Lnear Guide and Helical Gear.

3. Flaming Cutting Head: Huayuan 63A

4. Cutting Speed: High-Frequency Plasma Cutting :0-20000mm/min

5. Max Travel Speed: 25000mm/min

6. Max Cutting Thickness: 10mm

Main Machinery Part of Our Hydraulic Punching and Plasma Cutting Machine:
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Plsma Cutting Head

Punching Die Set