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  • 4 Axis Linkage CNC Punching and Plasma Cutting Machine

4 Axis Linkage CNC Punching and Plasma Cutting Machine

Product description

1.Machine Introduction:

CNC Punching and Cutting machine is a brand-new technology with high quality and high efficiency in sign industry. It contains the functions of punching and plasma cutting ,which reduce the cost. One machine dual use, more functional. With this machine, you could make High-Attractive, Out-door Sign Letters, especially high-brightness building signs.

After Holes Punching, Plasma Cutting automatically and continuously, no need manual intervention. One time finish all job under computerized control. No need the second-time processing and located. Save labor cost and improve processing speed.

2.Our Advantages:

1. Scraping surface treatment in performed on slideway of punching parts. Planeness and Straightness less than 0.03mm. No any other competitors can come up to this precision. ON-site comparison test available.

2. Our company Specialized in Hydraulic Technology. By using Germany HES/GT advanced Hydraulic Technology for reference and applying to our Hydraulic Punching and Plasma Cutting Machine, energy saving come up to 20% and reduce cost 20%. Other competitors can not come up to this l

Integrate Structure and Running Mode

1. Working Components: Punching Body, Imported High-Frequency Pressurization System, Plasma Cutting Table, Plasma Cutting Headset, Separated Material Loader, Electric Cabinet, and 4-Axis Linkage Control System.

2. Running Mode: Plasma Cutting Function can be working separately or together with Punching working. To make Pixel Led Signs just need to put metal sheet on the working table, fix the metal sheet by Pneumatic Clamps and then program running. The inner holes punching running firstly by default and plasma cutting outer line as the second step automatically.

3. Save at least 1/3 working space compare to traditional two machines working separately. Lower Noise.

4. Emergency Stop located more places, after emergency stop, continue processing could be performed.


Hydralic Punching Working:

1. Drive Mode: Lead Screw

2. Max Processing Size: 1250mm*2500mm

3. Machine Size: 3400mm*2000mm*1600mm

4. Processing Material: Aluminum, Galvanized sheet, Stainless Steel,Iron plate, Titanium sheet , etc.

5. Processing Thickness: 0.6-3mm

6. Punching Speed: 0-150 tims/min (adjustable speed)

7. Puching Die Diameter: 9mm, 12mm, Round Punching Hole.

8. Max Puching Pressure: 25 Ton

Plasma Cutting Working:

1. Cutting Size: 1250*2500mm

2. Drive Mode: Lnear Guide and Helical Gear.

3. Flaming Cutting Head: Huayuan 63A

4. Cutting Speed: High-Frequency Plasma Cutting :0-20000mm/min

5. Max Travel Speed: 25000mm/min

6. Max Cutting Thickness: 10mm

5.Control System

1.Research and development independentlyIndustrial Numerical Control System, High Compatibility and stability.

2.Off-line working, high anti-jamming ability

3.Self-diagnosis of Trouble, breakpoint restore, Graph Zooming, Self-compensation on slotting, Auto speed cut on corner

4.USB connection, simple and easy.

5.Multiple software available.

Combine punching, cutting, engraving function in one machine. More functional.